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The true measure of a man lies in his heart and in his soul.

Elissa Gabrielle, Editor

Author, Publisher, Poet, & Visionary is the author of two poetry books and three novels.
We first met this incredible talent with her debut collection of strong and moving verse, Stand and Be Counted. Focusing on themes of love, race, religion, inspiration and society, Elissa Gabrielle has put together a collection of inspirational poetry geared toward positive change that is both moving and entertaining. Through insightful visions and strong declarations, Gabrielle instills confidence in readers as she illuminates the path to a more self-rewarding and gratifying life.
Utilizing the resurgence of her desire to write and "a God given talent that wouldn't go away," Elissa Gabrielle was inspired to pen Peace In The Storm, which has testimonials from some of the entertainment industry's finest.
Peace In The Storm came to Gabrielle while reflecting real life experiences, both her own and from the lives of others.
Elissa is the Creator and CEO of Greetings From the Soul: The Elissa Gabrielle Collection which is a greeting card line that features poignant messages and heartfelt poetry and themes. Find out more at www.greetingsfromthesoul.com.
A contributor to several outstanding literary works, Elissa has graced the covers of Disilgold Soul Magazine, Big Time Publishing Magazine and Conversations Magazine.
Gabrielle is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. She also holds a degree in Communications. Elissa has a certificate in Business from Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business which she earned March 2004. Gabrielle is a member of NABFEME, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment, a professional empowerment, networking and support base for African American women in radio, recorded music, the media, and related entertainment industry fields.
Elissa is the creator of The Triumph Series, and the first book in the series, The Triumph of My Soul was nominated for several literary awards. The Soul of a Man and The Breakthrough are the second and third in the Triumph series, respectively.
Elissa is the Founder and CEO of Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC, which will release incredible titles from gifted authors beginning in January 2009, www.PeaceintheStormPublishing.com.
Elissa Gabrielle is the Media Consultant for both First Bethel Baptist Church and the Baptist Ministers Conference of Newark & Vicinity in Newark, New Jersey. Find out more at www.TheTriumphofMySoul.com and www.PeaceintheStormPublishing.com.

"Elissa Gabrielle is this generation's Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka and Sonia Sanchez. Her visualizations of inner and outer loves, of subterranean fears laced in anger, of unrelenting urgency to evoke change and betterment, is fresh, vital, and burning with eroticism. She creates new scents from familiar smells. She is confrontation, passion, love on fire. She is to be digested, discussed and passed on. She is to be cherished, protected and honored. She is our ancestors and our children yet to be born."
-Max Julien, Author, Filmmaker, Designer & Activist. Star and co-writer of "The Mack"

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas’ musical career spans over four decades; during that time he has performed throughout the world.

He began to play professionally at age fifteen (with his older brother’s guidance) in small clubs. He met the fabulous James Moody, who was then playing with the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band. Moody told Joe to pursue his craft and Joe did just that, including a short southern tour. A three year stint in the United States Army interrupted his career, but after he was honorably discharged he continued to play his horn, touring Canada for three years.

He returned to the United States and helped to form a group call “The Rhoda Scott Trio”. Featured in that group along with Rhoda and Joe was drummer Bill Elliott. The group stayed together for three years. They made two albums together.

Joe then formed his own group and made nine albums. He was featured on the flute and saxophone. He also appears on several other albums including a couple of Jimmy McGriff”s. Two of his albums have been re-issued as CD’s “Platos Retreat” and Masada.”

Joe has performed at the Blue Note, Birdland, Carlos One, The Cave, Count Basies, La Détente and Smalls Paradise. All of these places are/were in New York.

Joe was one of the “All-Stars” invited to play at the Pythodd Club (Rochester, N.Y.) and Pine Grill (Buffalo, N.Y.) reunions. Notables performing at these jazz festivals were: Charles Erland, Hank Crawford, Jimmy McGriff, Nat Adderly, Houston Person, Etta Jones, and many others. Joe has performed with the legendary Carrie Smith blues/gospel singer on three jazz festival cruises.

Joe has received the Key to the City of Newark from Mayor Gibson and the Whaler’s Emblem which is tantamount the “The Key to the City” from Mayor Edward Harrington of New Bedford, Mass, for his musical accomplishments. He has also performed for the former President of Haiti, Jean Claude Duvalier.


Jihad was an intelligent child who was raised by a single mother in Atlanta, GA by way of Indianapolis, IN. By the age of 16 he was selling drugs and embarking on a criminal career that six years later would lead him to prison, but not before his lifestyle would cause him to be stabbed, shot on three different occasions, and left paralyzed from a car accident. Although over time he miraculously regained the use of his legs he still served over seven years in six different federal prisons up and down the east coast. While serving time, Jihad gravitated towards a group of older, socio-political, self-taught prisoners who raised his awareness about himself and his past. He discovered a love of books, mostly by black authors and historians, which was something that had never grasped his interest while in school. Jihad started researching and writing about subjects that he was sure many misunderstood. Subjects like history, religion, hood-psyche and society in general. His focus and discipline prepared him to write his first book, an autobiographical novel entitled Street Life. Since penning his first title from prison back in August of 1998, Jihad has gone on to write four other thought provoking, enthralling novels, Baby Girl, Riding Rhythm, MVP, and his latest Preacherman Blues. Jihad is highly energetic, provocative and compassionate about youth issues. He's a highly sought after inspirational speaker who always avails himself for interviews. For more on Jihad, log onto www.jihadwrites.com.

William Fredrick Cooper

William Fredrick Cooper. An Assistant Managing Clerk at a midtown law firm, a member of First Corinthians Baptist Church in Harlem, New York and a proud father of a lovely daughter named Maranda, Mr. Cooper is the active secretary of Brother 2 Brother Symposium, Inc, a non-for-profit literacy program that encourages black men and young adults to read fiction literature. An ordinary guy trying to make a difference, Mr. Cooper is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Six Days In January as well as the African-American Literary Award-Nominated, National Bestseller There's Always A Reason. Described by writing peers as a message-delivering, emotional masterpiece within the African-American Community, There's Always A Reason was a Master's List Finalist for a 2008 NAACP Image Award Nomination in the Outstanding Literary Work Fiction Category. Touching minds when giving thought-provoking radio interviews or in the alternative, moderating or facilitating panel discussions throughout North America, capturing hearts when writing enlightening, uplifting fiction, and arousing female bodies when composing white-hot erotica tales, he has contributed articles to national periodicals such as EBONY MAGAZINE and many Bestselling anthologies and novels such as Zane's Dear G-Spot: Straight Talk About Sex and Love, Twilight Moods: African-American Erotica, Zane's Caramel Flava, Sistergirls.com, Morning, Noon and Night: Can't Get Enough and Erogenous Zone: A Sexual Voyage. He can be reached at his e-mail address: areason006@yahoo.com

Alvin C. Romer

Alvin C. Romer, is a Freelance Writer, Journalist and Essayist calling Miami, Florida home, and is the father of 5. He is the Founder and Editor of a popular online African-American literature site, THE ROMER REVIEW and devotes quite a bit of time as an Editor, Literary Publicist, and as an Independent Book Reviewer in the African-American publishing Diaspora. He frequently hires himself out as a Demographer and as a Technical Writer in the corporate world. A successful businessman, Romer currently is self-employed as the CEO/President of ACR Data Research, Inc., a Deacon in his church working with the Children of the Kingdom, and a successful grant writer and motivational speaker. All things literary and a supporter of the humanities, he strives to keep the muse as directives in his quest for legitimacy. Teaching creative writing and giving workshops on the publishing industry are also a part of his legacy. Much of his literary acumen can be found on his website which houses the subsidiary Write On! Literary Services, an organization that helps aspiring writers, edits manuscripts, plan events; generate marketing & publicity, along with book reviewing. His non-profit organization, The South Florida Literary & Education Foundation (SFLEF) is committed to making life and attaining educational goals a priority for needy and risky kids. Mr. Romer aspires to one day join the ranks of published novelists, and is currently producing a two-volume set of essays, short stories, and poems.

Marc Lacy

Huntsville's own Marc Lacy, a graduate of Alabama A&M University is a
nationally renown, award-winning poet/author and spoken word artist. He
has performed all of over the country for many national literary events and
spoken word venues. Marc is the author of Rock & Fire - Love Poetry from
The Core, and The Looking Heart - Poetic Expressions from Within. He is
also the producer of REFlux and RTIQLation spoken word CDs. Marc is the
contributor to many anthologies such as: The Soul of a Man, Step up to The
Mic, and Witness the Truth. He is the co-host of Essence Best Selling
Author Donna Hill's...The Donna Hill Blogtalkradio show which airs weekly.
Marc is due to release during the summer of 2009: Wretched Saints -
Spiritual Fiction Short Stories, LyriCode 256, and LickOrice spoken word
cds. Marc is a member of ArtNSoul Society of Expression, Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Inc., Church Street CPCA, Huntsville Literary Association, and
National Society of Black Engineers. He credits his faith in God and love
of family for providing energy to succeed. Checkout marclacy.com,
myspace.com/mlacy, and Facebook (Marc Lacy).

Clarence "Baba Simba" Mollock

Clarence B. Mollock, a native of Maryland's Eastern Shore, is number five of eight children who grew up on a farm. He was diagnosed with a speech disorder while in the fifth grade. After speech therapy and years of practice he began to master the English language. Before and after integration in 1966, he developed a love for reading. That love enabled him to be the only minority to graduate in the National Honor Society. Pursuing his number one love - Pottery - he graduated from Bowie State University with a degree to teach Art. Shortly after receiving a Masters Degree in Art Education from Towson State University, he meant Mother Mary Carter Smith, a storyteller. She was later proclaimed Maryland's Official Griot. With her guidance he, too, became a storyteller. She inspired him to write his stories of accomplishments and failures - of pain and pleasures. In 2005, Clarence retired after teaching Art for thirty-two years. He is a member of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. and a past President of the Griots' Circle of Maryland, Inc., the local affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland where he resides. Today, many know him as Baba Simba Mollock

Brian Ganges

Brian Ganges is a native New Jerseyan who resides in Houston, Texas. He has written many articles that are very thought provoking, principled, informative and insightful. His topics (including secular) of interest are: current events, politics, health related topics, economics, relationships, and principles for daily living; which are always from a Christian worldview. Brian is currently working on his debut book entitled "The World According to BG: Real Perspective for Real Issues," to be released summer/fall 2008. He communicates with his growing audience via his website www.insightfortoday.blogspot.com regarding his new articles, speaking engagements, radio interviews and upcoming events. Brian has also worked with and/or met some prominent politicians in the past, which includes radio interviews that he did with 2008 US Presidential candidates Former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes and US Congressman Ron Paul. Brian can be reached at bgnjtx@yahoo.com for more information.

Jarold Imes

Jarold Imes is the author of the Hold On Be Strong Teen Series, a collection of books that focuses on young black men and their issues. He is a contributor to OurTeenVoices.com and TheUrbanBookSource.com. He lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his family, where he is working on his first Street Christian Lit title. The Journey to Create Fiction for Young Black Men Continues... SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT!

K.L. Belvin

I was born and still reside in South Jamaica, Queens, New York. At 40 years of age I am a Christian, a father of four, a teacher for the New York City Department of Education over ten years, and recently married. My lovely supportive wife is my strength, best friend, and 1st editor of most of my work. I obtained my A.S. in Business from Kingsborough Community College, B.S. in Education from York College, and holds a Master's Degree in Education from Walden University. I anticipate beginning my PhD. studies in late 2008.
A writer of fictional stories and poetry I have completed my first book titled "A Man in Transition". A mixture of poems, stories and my observations of the world. Over the years I changed my writing focus from erotic based content to romance and spiritual inspirations due to my religious choices. I hope to offer the world focused insight of a man who has completely changed his life. I believe my writing expresses my growth as a man who now attempts to offer counsel, entertainment, and guidance to all I meet.

Joey Pinkney

Joey Pinkney's love for books and reading naturally turned into book reviewing. His book reviews have been featured on the websites of The Urban Book Source, C&B Books Distribution, RapWars, Glover Publishing as well as his own JoeyPinkney.com, and on Myspace, myspace.com/joeyreviews. He also produces the "5 Minutes, 5 Questions With..." series where he interviews authors of various genres. The closet novelist, Pinkney is honored to be a part of The Soul of a Man anthology. "Like Father, Like Son" is his first published short story. He wants to continue being a book reviewer/interviewer and add author as a regular part of his repertoire

Thomas Ashburn, Jr.

Thomas Ashburn, Jr. has had a passion for writing since high school. He is the author of God's Greater Glory: Why We Experience Hardship. Thomas graduated from Norfolk State University with a bachelor's of arts in journalism. He has written several articles for daily newspapers on topics like religion, race, and entertainment. Thomas is a member of St. Mary's Holiness Church in Chesapeake, Virginia where his father, Thomas Ashburn, Sr. is pastor. He is a deacon and financial trustee at St. Mary's. Thomas's purpose for writing is to glorify God and to inspire others to overcome every obstacle. He can be reached at ashburn_thomas@hotmail.com.

Tyrell DeVon Floyd

Tyrell DeVon Floyd. This twenty-something innovative poet, writer, and radio personality hails from the Great Northwest. Although Seattle, WA is chiefly known for its beautiful scenery and memorable rain falls, it can also stake claim as being home to one of the up-and-coming minds of story & poetry.
Invoking passion and emotion through deep story lines and raw subject matters, the words of Tyrell DeVon Floyd are sure to resonate with readers.
Whether it be a love poem such as Butterflies Arrive as Beauty Flies Away, or a romantic poem of intimacy such as Into Her of Course, this young writer seamlessly connects his words with the interests of those who read them.

Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Maurice M. Gray, Jr. is an author (of two novels), an editor, a speaker and a comedian. He currently serves on the faculties of the Sandy Cove and the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conferences, where he evaluates manuscripts for conferees and teaches workshops. Along with Lacricia A'ngelle, Dr. Linda Beed, and Wanda Campbell, he is a member of the Damascus Road Authors. As a Christian comedian, Maurice has worked with the likes of James "The Storyteller" Ford and Pat "Sister Betty" G'orge-Walker. Maurice is a member of Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, DE, where he is active in many ministries (including the Singles Ministry and the Men's Chorus). He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and of the Greater Newark Area Toastmasters club. He lives in New Castle, DE with his family. Please visit Maurice online at www.MauriceMGrayJr.com.

Eddrick Dejuan

Eddrick Dejuan currently lives in St. Louis, Mo. He is a veteran having served a stint in the U.S. Air Force. He is the author of the entertaining book Madam Eve and the owner of Atonement Publishing. He is also building his publishing company into a brand, all the books released by the imprint will feature the theme of revenge and forgiveness. Every book that he writes will have the main character go on a journey from wanting to getting even to forgiving. Eddrick Dejuan can be reached at ed@eddrickdejuan.com. Please visit his website at www.eddrickdejuan.com



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