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The true measure of a man lies in his heart and in his soul.

Praise For The Soul Of A Man

“An electrical surge into the elicit minds of some of the most powerful male voices in literature... The SOUL OF A MAN from Elissa Gabrielle's Triumph of My Soul Series lures readers into the eye of HIS storm with THOUGHT PROVOKING and COMPELLING RAW ENERGY that embodies the essence of today's black man, his INNER CONVICTIONS, SELF-IMAGE & MORALITY! A MUST READ on its way to NUMBER ONE!”
~Heather Covington
CEO/ Founder of DisilgoldSOUL Literary Review Magazine and President of YGA AWARDS

“The Soul of a Man is a timely piece of literature that speaks to the very essence of men. Readers are given an insightful and honest look into the soul of some of today’s brightest and gifted writers. Over a dozen writers who above all remain men of faith, conviction and substance. A powerful and reflective compilation that is sure to talk to you while inspiration fills your souls. Sure to be a best seller.”
~James Michael Lisbon, Publisher, Awareness Magazine & The Queens Light

“Revelations of His-story, His-trials, His-fears and His-triumphs sums up the essence of this magnificent literary work. Through this candid compilation, The Soul of A Man, allows readers a rare insight as to what lurks in the hearts of men of great literary prowess and purpose.”
~Dr. Linda F. Beed, author of Business Unusual

“The Soul of A Man presents an admirable collection of inspirational stories that share the innermost thoughts of real men. These are sincere, candid, and engaging stories about men who dealt with the challenges of life by placing their complete faith in God. Their stories reveal how they used faith to handle the day-to-day struggles, pains, and temptations to show what real manhood is all about.”
~Memphis Vaughn, editor TimBookTu

“Elissa Gabrielle has done it again! Ms. Gabrielle has put together a collection of short stories that will ignite your soul and this time, they are all written by some very talented men! From the social and political stance of Mr. Alvin Romer who takes us to another level with his story “What Lies in the Souls of Men?” To Mr. William Fredrick Cooper who dares to bare his soul as he talks about love and heartbreak with his story “NO REGRETS. . .(A True Story).” A collection of this magnitude would not be complete without looking at the spiritual journey through the eyes of a man and that man is Mr. Brian Ganges who teaches us about “Manning Up with God.” There is something for everyone within these pages. Well done Ms. Gabrielle.”
~Jacqueline D. Moore, author of Serving Justice



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